Private Galleries

I can offer private galleries accessible only to clients. These are used for any commissioned work where public viewing of the images is not appropriate. In order to access a private gallery on this site you will be provided with an access code.

Follow these steps to view your images:

Visit the online gallery area.

Click the Access Gallery link and enter your the access code.

You will be taken to your gallery.

You can click on small thumbnail images to see a large version and 'Zoom' to see an even larger picture

There may also be a link to view a slideshow of images

If you wish to order prints:

Create an account then add images to your ‘cart' (shopping trolley).

When ready to pay, click the Checkout link.

You can pay securely online using credit card or PayPal account.

For help contact me using the Send a message button to the left.

To go to the online gallery area now use this link.