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Within a Mile

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is an exhibition of photographs taken near to where I live, in a place called Rewe, just to the North of Exeter in Devon. Or you might consider it to be to the South of Tiverton.

There is now a book featuring all the exhibition images and more!

Have you ever been to Rewe? If you like in the Exeter area of South West England, I expect you have – it is in fact, only 5 or 6 miles from there so if you have ever travelled between Exeter and Tiverton then the chances are pretty high that you have passed through Rewe. However, even people who live quite nearby say, “Rewe, now where is that exactly?”

The official designation of the Parish is Rewe with Netherexe and as I live in the northern part of Rewe, some of the images exhibited were indeed made in Netherexe.

Although many of us spend our days off work and holidays travelling the country and the world in search of special places and often taking photographs of those places, I contend that we all live in special places – and all those places are special in no lesser ways than famous sights and landmarks around the globe.

So what is so special about Rewe? You might say nothing, but then you might say everything. It is not especially special, but it is, of course, unique. And surely uniqueness is the most special quality of all?

These pictures are all made Within a Mile of my home; I have been quite harsh in rejecting any images from even slightly outside my one mile inclusion zone. This means that there may be a follow-up exhibition entitled Not Quite Within a Mile at some point in the future! In case you wonder (or in case it matters), the one mile is measured as the crow flies – or in fact as the straight line lies on the map.

Within a Mile was on show at:

Reed Hall Gallery, University of Exeter, February - March 2007

From the comments book at the show:

“stunning photography”

“contrasts & moods of our countryside captured brilliantly”

“dramatic & interesting”

See coverage on BBC Devon website here (until they remove it!)