Photography Articles by Paul Sandy

There are currently three articles here. More will follow 'in due course' (as L.S. Caton might say):

Money for Nothing? (Using 'stock' picture libraries (aka agencies) from a photographer's perspective)

Photography is like fishing (there are tiddlers, specimens, different techniques applicable depending on the quarry, a lot of waiting and, of course, ones that get away! read the article & see if you agree!)

A brief article about my Within a Mile exhibition

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In the future, this page is also where links to further articles will appear. Possible future titles include:

  1. Websites for photographers
  2. Golden Hours - are they all they are cracked up to be?
  3. "I would rather take a unique picture in a relatively unknown place than a 'better' picture in a well-visited and well-photographed famous beauty spot." Discuss ...
  4. Film versus digital - convenience over quality?
  5. EOS 20D now or wait for 1Ds Mark II (thereby allowing time for mortgage application)?

If you have a preference for which article comes next, please let me know!