Welcome to this showcase for the work of landscape photographer Paul Sandy

"stunning photography"

"contrasts & moods of our countryside captured brilliantly"

"dramatic & interesting"

This is a new gallery site for Paul Sandy Photography. It is not yet fully populated but further images will be added.

Please also visit Paul's original website.


07th January 2018
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01st May 2014


Culm valley, Devon Recent
(Contains 3 photos)
Some recent images.
Cover of Within a Mile book by Paul Sandy. Green Lane Publishing. Books and cards
(Contains 1 photo)
Browse my book and selection of greetings cards.
Troon seascape, Scotland Featured Images
(Contains 18 photos)
This portfolio consists of images previously featured on my website.
Stoke Woods, Exeter Seeing the Wood AND the Trees
(Contains 31 photos)
Images from my Exeter 'Seeing the Wood AND the Trees' exhibition.